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Is Your Loyalty Program Geared Up For The Holidays? October 26, 2016 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—Loyalty programs are likely to be a significant contributor to consumers’ choices of where to shop for the holiday, according to new research by Berkeley Research Group and reported on

With 81% of consumers more likely to continue doing business with retailers and brands that have loyalty programs, here are some tips from to make yours increase both conversions and overall sales:

1. Listen. Successful loyalty programs provide additional value to customers. Through a survey, customer service feedback, or simply asking questions at the register, start gathering insights about what your customers want.

2. Include offers they really want. Today’s consumers have greater expectations from a loyalty program than a simple discount. For example, 59% percent of Millennials value special services like concierge or free shipping—which according to another study is the number-one incentive for customers to buy more online.

3. Create a multi-channel experience. Holiday web sales are predicted increase from 7% to 10%, more than double overall sales. Make sure your digital experience is as simple and seamless as possible—don’t make customers jump through hoops online.

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