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Is Your Online Vs. Offline Experience Broken? April 07, 2021 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—We’ve all heard the terms “phygital,” “omnichannel,” “seamless,” and “hybrid” over and over. In an article for Retail Customer Experience, author Jesus Ramirez, vice president of strategy and innovation at Tall Wave, explains that customers want to feel like they're buying from the same brand and getting the same level of value, no matter which format they use.

In the article, titled “3 Signs Your Retail Hybrid Experience Is Broken And How To Fix It,” Ramirez identifies three key signs a retailer may need to improve cohesion between online and offline experiences. To summarize:

1. Your visuals and messaging are different. Inconsistencies are more noticeable. While you do have to account for the different context of each customer touchpoint and not everything has to be identical, it does have to be cohesive.

2. You're trying to make the in-store experience exactly the same as the virtual experience. Customers don’t expect or even want in-person and virtual to be identical experiences but again, consistency is key.

3. Your in-store experience isn't as easy to navigate as your digital one. Sometimes, websites end up a lot more streamlined and intuitive than brick-and-mortar stores, he says. But it's important to elevate the ease of navigating your physical store too. 

Read the full article here.

Top image: Mohamed Hassan for Pixabay.

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