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It’s Now All About Value: 10 Ways to ABV Rather than ABC August 05, 2021 (0 comments)


Omaha, NE--Mark Hunter, of The Sales Hunter, a superstar sales trainer and leader, says today you shouldn't 'Always Be Closing,' instead you should concentrate on 'Always Bring Value.'

From a recent blog post:

You’ve heard of ABC: Always Be Closing.

Let me tell you something: The days of ABC are gone. It’s closed. ABC is now ABV: Always Bring Value.

I want you to be thinking about this in every conversation you have. It is always about bringing value.

Let’s walk through the 10 things you need to be doing right now to be bringing value, because you will not be accomplishing this through ABC.

1. Ask More Questions
You create value by actually understanding what the customer is looking for. You understand what the customer is looking for not by telling them, but by asking them questions.

People who live by ABV are the ones who ask the most questions. Be sure to ask more questions of your customers.

2. Bring Industry Insights
Customers do not know what they do not know. We all live in some sort of an echo chamber.

You can bring value to your customers by sharing with them insights and information they are not tuned in on. This is a great way to bring value and be seen as a sales leader, too.

3. Be Seen as the SME
When you are seen as the subject matter expert, or SME, doors open for you.

If you are new in your business and not as well-known, you cannot be the SME right away and that is okay. You may not be the SME, but you are going to connect your customers to the SME. You are going to help get the SME to them.

Ultimately, you want to become the SME in your industry.

4. Curious About Everything
I love working with companies where I get to tour their manufacturing facility, warehouses, retail stores – wherever. I am curious about everything and asking questions. I am always exploring. What does this do?

It helps me uncover new information and new insights. What does this do? It allows me to be an SME.

Being curious about everything gives me more industry insights I can share and allows me to ask more questions.

It is amazing how much more I will be able to learn and in turn, I can bring more value.

5. Seek Different Solutions
Many times, we bring the best value by not helping the customer buy what they think they want to buy, but rather by helping them buy what they need to buy. You can accomplish this by seeking different solutions.

The different solution might be a different outcome that they are looking for, and that is what I am going to help drive them towards.

It is amazing how much long-term value we create when we seek a different solution. We help the customer and as a result, they gain a greater appreciation for us.

Click here or on the link below to read the full article on Mark's blog.

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