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Be Highly ‘Interested’ In How You Sell to Sell More August 05, 2021 (0 comments)


White Bear Lake, MN--From a recent blog post by speaker, author, and thought leader Jill Konrad talks about being highly interested in your sales and your closing ratio. The title? An Interesting Way to Drive More Sales.

From her blog, she begins by recounting a recent experience:

It was the worst thing that could have possibly happened. I’d just spent two hours updating my website. But when I clicked Save, everything was gone. 

Placing a desperate call to my web person, I blurted out what had just happened. She was quiet for a moment, then slowly said, “Mmm. That’s interesting.”

Interesting? I was in full panic mode.

But how she said it caught my attention. In fact, as we talked through the situation, I found myself thinking how interesting it was that her first reaction was curiosity when something went wrong. 

When we’re selling, we often react how I did when my web update disappeared. Instead of stopping to consider how we might have created the problem, we scramble desperately to recover or get around it. And often the reaction makes the problem worse.

Think about the last time a sales conversation went bad. How often do we really stop and say, “Mmm. That’s interesting?”

Now think about what could happen if you were constantly curious about why your prospects reacted the way they did. 

Click here or on the link below to read the full article from Jill's blog.

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