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Jewelry eCommerce Brand Sees Revenue Surge after Tackling Email Deliverability Issues October 18, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Email deliverability cannot be understated, especially for jewelry eCommerce brands where trust is important. Unstable or poor email deliverability can hurt sales and the brand's reputation. 

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According to a Hustler Marketing article, an unnamed jewelry eCommerce brand recently tackled its email deliverability challenges, resulting in a notable increase in sales. Specializing in personalized jewelry, the brand's offerings aren't mere impulse buys; they represent significant investments.

Historically, inconsistent email deliverability threatened this brand's reputation, restricting its email's reach. Being aware of these challenges, the Hustler Marketing team adopted various strategies to ensure emails reached Gmail's primary inbox, such as audience segmentation, avoiding "spammy" words, and enhancing the text-to-image ratio in campaigns.

However, a comprehensive strategy was developed, recognizing the need for a lasting solution. This involved a potential short-term revenue dip but with the promise of a longer-term and consistent rise. The focus of this strategy was the brand's email reputation.


Phase 1 of the plan helps the brand's email domain reputation. The Hustler Marketing team incorporated insights from copywriters, designers, and Klaviyo experts. Techniques employed included improved copywriting, interactive design elements like polls, and technical strategies like promotional codes to encourage email replies. They also utilized GlockApps to monitor email deliverability performance.

Phase 2 combined the enhanced reputation with a new sender domain. Initially, emails were sent to highly engaged readers, gradually expanding the recipient pool. As the brand's reputation improved, efforts shifted to ensuring emails landed in Gmail's "primary" tab. A strategic promotion, teasing an upcoming sale, urged subscribers to shift these emails to their primary inbox, ensuring greater visibility.


Ultimately, the efforts bore fruit. Per the article, the brand witnessed a 69% increase in revenue from email flows from June to September. Campaign-based email revenue also rose by 31%.

This success story underscores the value of strategic email deliverability management in eCommerce.

Learn more in the entire Hustler Marketing article.

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