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Keep Selling After The Sale |  March 15, 2017 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—What is your store’s after-sale plan? Do you have a specific procedure or is it up to the sales person that sold the item? What if they purchase online? Do you continue to connect with them?

While many companies are great at after-sale follow-up (which is really another pre-sale contact) many are not. Even considering my own shopping experiences at better retailers for various products, both in-person and online, I’m surprised by how many make no attempt to contact me again for anything. Some of them truly missed another sale – all for lack of contact.

Is there a best way to reach your customer for after-sale contact? The answer is yes – and it’s in the way your customer would prefer to be reached. Hopefully you know their specific communications preferences by the time you’ve completed a sale, either through experience or asking questions. If you are light on procedures for after the sale, it’s time to put some in place. Your CRM software is a good place to start or you may prefer to create one. A few tips:

Handwritten, snail-mailed thank-you notes. These are the classic and many stores still swear by them. They work. They should be mailed in a timely manner, after you KNOW the purchase has been given, in a spouse/partner situation.  There’s little better than finding a hand-written note in your mailbox full of other things you’d probably rather not open. The National Association of Sales Professionals has some tips here if you need them.

Emailed Notes. For some customers, you may only have an email address or mobile number. In these cases, a specific communication with your thanks is appropriate. Texting should be quite short and Terry Sisco at Exsellerate has some great email templates here.

Following up after sales is a proven way to increase your overall sales. Keeping in regular contact with customers allows you to create and nurture a relationship and yes, make additional sales.

For those salespeople reluctant to follow up, some may feel it’s being pushy and others may assume they will hear from the contact if they want to make a purchase. However, for a good portion of your customers, not following up is what kills the sale.

Ensure that your after-sale contact is solid and your sales associates have a procedure to follow. And then expand that to not only after-sales, but keeping in contact as part of a greater plan. Your bottom line will appreciate it.

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