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May Your Manager Manage |  October 15, 2021 (0 comments)

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Green Bay, WI--Are you getting the most out of your management dollar?  Now, as much as this sounds like a cheesy opening line for a management program, I’m really meaning it for YOUR manager. See how you do on the quiz below (and then watch Jimmy's short 'May Your Manager Manage' video by clicking the window below) and if any of the scenarios reflect what's really happening in your store:

1) Your best salesperson shows up late every day and the rules you’ve set in place at your store don’t really apply to this person. Do you allow your manager to take corrective action, even up to dismissing this person? 

2) Do you want more sales and better closing ratios out of your people but you’re unwilling to let your manager implement programs of accountability because they might disrupt your store culture?

3) Have you given your manager the “title” of manager, but they’re really a salesperson but yet with all the responsibilities of a manager but not the authority of a manager, and still when the alarm goes off at 2am, they’re the ones to respond?

So... How’d ya do?

Click the video window below to check out Jimmy's 'May Your Manager Manage' video now. Also feel free to reach out to him with any questions at 920-492-1191 or or visit

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