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Move It, Move It! |  December 11, 2014 (0 comments)


Austin, TX—‘Tis the season to move it. I am reminded of my favorite song from the movie Madagascar, “ I Like To Move it”  (watch the video here). This time of year is when I am finally off the road, my stores are trained, and I give the “buddy check” phone calls once a week. I get on a call for five minutes and I can tell things are happening in the stores! The managers are talking fast and their voices are excited about the week. This time of year they know they have to take action and move: make the calls to contact customers, stay top of mind, ask the real questions, seek out the objections, and get to the close. They can’t waste a moment going through the motions.

It’s show time! When you are on the sales floor everyone depends on you to make it happen. As we are moving fast through these next few weeks remember:

Make It The Best Sales Day Ever!

Pat Henneberry, The Jewelry Coach, actually never envisioned a career in jewelry. But after growing up in the heartlands of Iowa, she moved to Austin, TX, and became an award-winning salesperson with ArtCarved. Now, with more than 30 years’ experience, Henneberry is one of the diamond world’s top trainers, having helped build multiple brands for the jewelry industry. She spent 10 years with DeBeers’ Diamond Promotion Service, where she helped launched new brands, worked on national ad campaigns like "A Diamond is Forever,” and helped retail jewelers build their diamond business. While there, she was the proud recipient of the Diamond Symphony Award by Diamond Promotion Service and DeBeers. Later, she was part of the Hearts On Fire international training team, where she traveled the world teaching retail jewelers how to sell diamonds and grow their business. Henneberry is the founder of The Jewelry Coach. The Jewelry Coach is about building positive principals for self-improvement and personal jewelry sales development, and offers an online 24/7 sales training community. Her clients number such famous names as Forevermark US, Tiffany & Co. sales training, and LVE, a new Schachter & Co. diamond brand, as well as other key brands and retailers in the luxury jewelry sector. She also is frequently sought as a motivational speaker in the industry. She can be reached at (512) 203-3414 or at

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