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New Podcasts Help Retailers Focus On Both Creating And Meeting Consumer Desire March 17, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—The Plumb Club’s March podcasts from jewelry industry experts focus on two important consumer interactions: creating awareness and stoking desire to get a customer into the store, then meeting that desire once the customer is in the store. One addresses the concept in digital marketing and the other, lab-grown diamonds. 

Each podcast highlights tools and effective tactics and both provide valuable insights retailers can use to help turn a prospect into a customer.   

Digital First: Barbara Garces and Regina Fiedel of Bulova help the listener understand what a digital-first mindset is and how it is applied. They give valuable insight on reaching consumers effectively, while creating awareness and desire using digital tactics. Additionally, they discuss gathering feedback and valuable data using digital platforms. Further, they review a variety of digital platforms, online hubs, project planning tools and data asset systems to help retailers. Barbara Garces is Bulova’s chief digital officer and Regina Fiedel is vice president of digital marketing. 

Lab Grown Diamond – Meeting Consumer Desire: Cora Lee Colaizzi and Tom Pautz of Quality Gold discuss how lab-grown diamonds are inspiring a certain segment of diamond consumers and meeting their desire. They give essential information on the market and provide tips for retailers on how they can capitalize on the growing popularity and profitability of lab-grown diamonds. Colaizzi is Quality Gold’s marketing director and Pautz is the company’s lab-grown diamond director.

The Plumb Club podcasts, which are added monthly, provide strategies, knowledge and immediately actionable steps from industry leaders, that help retailers across a variety of business areas. The newest podcasts, as well as the previous ones, are available on The Plumb Club website under the “Resources” tab

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