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Selling The Top (Ok, The Only) Trend From The Grammys: Beyoncé’s Show-Stopping Earrings |  March 17, 2021 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA—Sunday night’s Grammy Awards was notable for several reasons: one, its pandemic-driven pivot from red carpet and packed house to a mix of multiple distanced venues actually resulted in a better show production with critics hailing a series of remote performances and other elements that should be keepers even when awards shows go back to being held in arenas or concert halls. 

Two, its absolute domination by women: across a wide range of genres, the top award winners all were female, including Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more.

And three, its utter lack of truly notable jewelry, save for Beyoncé’s standout Schiaparelli earrings that were almost big enough to use for a baseball bat. The earrings themselves were technically fashion jewelry (though likely far more pricey than lots of fine options), and were designed by Daniel Roseberry. As head of Schiaparelli, he's thoroughly honoring the legacy of groundbreaking founder Elsa Schiaparelli with his surreal creations (including the enormous gown and gold eagle that Lady Gaga wore for President Biden’s inauguration).

Now, don’t get me wrong: there was plenty of beautiful jewelry to admire at the Grammys. My colleagues in the trade press noted that and chose their favorites here and here.

Pretty? Yes. But was there a standout directional trend, like big necklaces or bare necks? No. Heaps of rings? No again, unless you count Harry Styles’ gender-bending thrift-shop chic and fingers full of rings. Seeing more men embrace traditionally female jewelry styles, like Styles did and Billy Porter is famous for, might be a micro-trend—but if I had to guess, the predominant influence it will have on Main Street is possibly selling a few more gold, diamond, or pearl tuxedo studs or lapel pins to those that want more than a basic tuxedo—not a big category killer.

Megan Thee Stallion wore beautiful Chopard jewelry to the Grammy's, but it wasn't a dramatically new style introduction.

So, back to Beyoncé’s earrings. These below-shoulder boulders aren’t an everyday earring, to say the least. But the overall shape and materials are translatable to many wearable daytime or day-to-night looks. Here are some similar shape drop-earring options that can work for real women who have meetings, must pick up kids, make the grocery run, and sometimes have a really fun event to dress up for, now that it looks like we’re getting close to being able to have fun events to dress up for again.

Drop earrings from the Spell Collection, in 22k and 24k gold, Gurhan:

Delicate, open teardrops in gold and diamond, Shy Creation:


24k Gold “Janine Jen” teardrop earrings with 22k gold earwire, Lika Behar:


18k gold and diamond earrings by Marika Desert Gold:

18k gold and diamond earrings from I. Reiss:

“White Orchid” drop earrings feature checker-cut clear quartz layered over white mother-of-pearl, in 18k yellow or rose gold with diamond accents. Doves By Doron Paloma:


If gold isn’t your color, try the Concentra earrings in sterling silver with 24k gold vermeil, or sterling silver Royale earrings with black enamel and white stones. Both, Belle Étoile:

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