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New Sales Resource From Natural Diamond Council: A Guy’s Guide To Buying Diamonds |  February 10, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—In advance of Valentine’s Day, the Natural Diamond Council website has added a consumer guide geared to men shopping for diamonds that's a useful sales training tool for retailers too. Image: Earring from the Constellation Collection by Tara Hirshberg.

How to Buy Diamonds: The Guy’s Guide starts off exhorting readers to “not be that guy” who comes into a jewelry store sweating on February 13. But from there, the page—jointly authored by Stuart McGurk from British GQ magazine for the guy’s perspective and Jennifer Csengody-Novetsky offering industry expertise—adeptly answers all the key questions most men shopping for diamonds have. 

For retail jewelers, however, the page is worth a bookmark. It’s a valuable sales training resource to share with associates, and even to use as the basis of a diamond sales training session. Even for seasoned associates, some of the points the authors make are good to keep in mind and have ready to bring up naturally in conversation to boost closings and have fewer gifts brought back for exchange. Although written to coincide with Valentine’s Day, the page contains highly useful diamond selling information all jewelers can use all year round.

Some examples of what’s in The Guy’s Guide:

How much to spend: the page goes through the usual cost/value explanations, but also suggests some good starting point gifts, such as diamond studs. But it also shows multiple examples of contemporary jewelry at a variety of different price points, so the shopper doesn’t always default to basic styles that might not appeal to his partner.

Choosing the right piece: the page explains how to observe a partner’s style of dress, what jewelry she wears now, and how to choose a piece that fits it.

Research! The site explains that buying a diamond isn’t like buying a handbag—it’s more like buying a house in terms of research, so plan accordingly.

The Four C’s: Because these are everywhere, the site doesn’t use valuable space to rehash these, but it does direct shoppers where to get the information if they’ve never heard it before. More importantly, it advises them to ask their jeweler to show examples of the differences in each—a great selling technique, incidentally. It also strongly advises not to buy a diamond without a grading report and recommends one from either GIA or AGS.

Size: The site recaps the usual size vs. quality explanation, but more helpful is simply saying that carat as a unit of mass, not dimension, and that this isn’t a car engine. Most buyers will understand that.

Horoscope jewelry: Say what? Apparently yes, this is now a thing. Most guys should at least know their partner well enough to know if they’re into astrology.

Brands: Yes, the well-known brands can provide a level of reassurance to a first-time diamond buyer. But they’re not the only option and again the recommendation is to do lots of research.

Click here to read the full How to Buy Diamonds: The Guy’s Guide.

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