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DDK Marketing Unveils Targeted Marketing Tech for Jewelers April 23, 2023 (0 comments)


Chicago, IL--DDK Marketing has introduced OnSite, a technology that it says provides jewelers with a powerful and efficient alternative to traditional online digital advertisements. By harnessing targeted keyword searches, OnSite allows jewelry businesses to establish direct connections with online prospects actively searching for their products.

[Image via DDK Marketing]

An article on KRON4 states that the distinguishing feature of OnSite is its sophisticated algorithm, which pinpoints potential customers using jewelry-related search terms and verifies their information. This ensures businesses interact only with relevant and qualified prospects. Jewelers can then deliver customized messages and offers through direct mail, email, and Facebook ads, leading to an impressive return on investment and increased sales.

Kent Hallgren, President of DDK Marketing, highlights the transformative impact of OnSite: "Would you rather continue to pay for a digital ad that is delivered to some anonymous source, or pay to connect to a real known active prospect who is actively looking online for your product? To us, the choice is simple."

OnSite features a transparent "per contact" fee structure without setup or subscription charges. The program is easily implemented and managed via an intuitive ordering portal created for each participating jewelry store. DDK Marketing advises using the service consistently over 12 months to maximize results.

To read the full article from EIN Presswire, click here

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