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Phygital Retail: The Unified Strategy for Success May 10, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The future of integrated commerce is here as "phygital" marketing strategies become the only option for retailers to cater to diverse shopping preferences. 

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As spending power grows, retailers must blend the online and offline realms to create personalized and seamless experiences that appeal to a wide range of customers, according to an article on the CustomerThink platform by Sherry Smith, general manager of Global Enterprise at Criteo.

Retail Media 2.0 signifies the era where digital advertising strategies merge with physical retail spaces. This convergence creates a personalized shopping experience fueled by the rise of e-commerce and the continued importance of brick-and-mortar stores.

Phygital strategies employ anonymized customer data from mobile apps and interactive in-store displays. By leveraging this data, retailers can create targeted marketing campaigns that address individual customer needs and preferences. The key to success is ensuring interoperability between touchpoints and channels, providing a personalized and convenient shopping experience across all interactions.

Retailers can utilize smartphones' digital signage, interactive displays, and augmented reality features to enhance customer engagement and create immersive shopping experiences. These strategies bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping, catering to diverse customer preferences.

Retailers face several obstacles when integrating phygital strategies into their existing business models. Overcoming these challenges requires significant changes to operations, technology, and infrastructure. Retailers must digitize their ad operations and find ways to measure the success of phygital strategies effectively.

Learn more in the full article published by CustomerThink here.

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