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Pomellato Exec Says Independents And Department Stores Aren’t Rivals; And Tells Why Instagram Is Everything November 04, 2020 (1 comment)


New York, NY—In the second of Diamonds Do Good's Global Conversations series on October 29, Nathalie Diamantis, president and CEO of luxury jewelry brand Pomellato (Americas) talked about how her brand’s social values inform its business strategies, how it sees the roles of its department store vs. independent retailers in attracting core customers, and the marketing strategies that have worked the best for the brand.

Diamantis emphasized how Pomellato’s roots and brand values have shaped the brand vision and still attract customers. The brand was founded in the late 1960s which, like today, was another period of major social change.

“The Sixties were a crucial time for women, being liberated from traditional lifestyles, obligations and cultural norms,” said Diamantis. “That was the inspiration of Pomellato and social purpose remains a core value of brand.”

Pomellato is a woman’s brand, and those roots are critical to its existence, she said. 75% of its employees and 50% of its management are women.

The pandemic lockdown was obviously a key moment in the history of Pomellato, which is based in Italy, where last spring’s news showed the horrific toll of the pandemic. Diamantis said the brand, which has embraced female empowerment as a brand strategy, turned its effort towards fighting domestic violence as a way to help. Unfortunately, domestic violence spiked sharply during lockdown, so Pomellato crowdfunded $100,000 to fund shelters for women to escape to, and uses the hashtag #youarenotalone in its Instagram and other social media posts about it.

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Moving to more general topics, Diamantis addressed how Pomellato is speaking to Millennials and older women alike. 

“The message we deliver is an authenticity message. We are what we say and we do what we say. It’s a sustainability message that resonates with our younger clients. Millenials look at what is your message and the meaning behind a brand before they buy,” she said. It’s one of the reasons the brand selected blogger and online influencer Chiara Ferragni as a brand ambassador. She’s an entrepreneur who went to law school and is an attorney but who loves fashion and became an entrepreneur instead. She has a tremendous following among Millennials.

At the other end are Pomellato’s clients over 40. Those customers love seeing that the brand has a female CEO, whether it’s Sabina Belli (overall), or Diamantis for the brand in the Americas. Other brand ambassadors include accomplished celebrities like Jane Fonda and Laura Dern in addition to Chiara Ferragni. 

“All are relevant. Women are not one single definition,” said Diamantis. But how to reach all those women?

Instagram is it, says Diamantis.

“Our Instagram is one of the most powerful tools we have. It’s the highest penetrated in the industry, with 20% follow through,” she said. Clients often call and say how much they’ve enjoyed a specific campaign or message. Instagram is also how the brand highlights its support and efforts toward helping domestic violence victims. 

Finally, Diamantis addressed how both department stores and independent jewelers can complement each other, rather than always view the other as competition. 

“Department store and independent retail channels have different objectives,” she explained. Department stores have a national presence and a certain customer base. Independent retailers, on the other hand, play a different role in their communities. 

The department store provides [a brand] introduction to new clients, and the local retailer provides [the brand] a sense of approval from a local expert and source of trust.

“I see them celebrating people’s lives. Their weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, etc.” It equally applies to female self-purchase, a core customer base for Pomellato. When a woman buys a piece of jewelry for herself she’s celebrating something, whether it’s a special event or just enjoying the moment.

 “It’s crucial to be engaging. You have to tell stories, but you also have to be joyful because when people buy jewelry, they’re celebrating,” said Diamantis.

A Pomellato Instagram post.

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Nathalie is a very impressive leader, she has her finger on the pulse of our industry.  Enjoyed reading this article.

Mary Ann Orloff
Orloff Jewelers
Fresno, CA

By mary ann orloff on Nov 6th, 2020 at 5:22pm

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