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Post-Purchase Strategies for Retailers To Improve Customer Experience August 12, 2022 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Post sales strategies can be a great way to retain customers and leave a lasting impression on their minds.

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A negative customer experience can have negative consequences, such as a bad customer review and recommendation, among others. These could hurt your brand's reputation and even close doors to buyers belonging to the network of a purchaser who's dissatisfied with their customer experience.

So what can retailers do to ensure that a customer's post-purchase experience is great? In a blog post, Zendesk highlights three ideas to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

The first point is letting customers help themselves. Retailers can do this by providing links and information that can help resolve customer issues around a product. For jewelry retailers, there's not much of an "issue" around a product, so support here could include information on ways to reach out to the store if they are dissatisfied with the sale and how to access post-sale servicing. Having an online chatbot in place could also help retailers answer customer questions and direct them to appropriate information outside business hours.

The second point talks about taking customer service to the next level. The post says that retailers can do this by employing empathetic agents who build trust and soothe frustrated customers. But how do retailers know that this process is working? Well, they can bundle the issue faced by the customer in an online ticket and collect post-service feedback.

The third point talks about providing accessible customer service to customers wherever they are. This can be achieved with an omnichannel strategy. The information collected about the customer — in-store or online — should be available at hand while addressing their issue so that they do not have to redress their customer. Retailers should also offer customers multiple options to reach out to them, such as email, chat, phone call, support tickets, or in-store visits.

Read the entire post for more.

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