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Product And Service News: VDB Now Largest Marketplace for Lab-Grown Diamonds February 03, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB) now is a central source for lab-grown diamonds as well as natural diamonds, listing over 90,000 lab grown stones from trusted suppliers. 

“We are proud to now offer the largest selection of lab grown diamonds in the world. At VDB, we help retailers and suppliers do more business more efficiently, all the while keeping our technology visually appealing and easy to use,” says Tanya Nisguretsky, president and CEO of Virtual Diamond Boutique. “As the global demand for lab grown diamonds increases, the VDB app can help retailers to never miss a sale, even when they lack on-hand inventory.”

Retailers who do not carry significant stock of lab grown diamonds can virtually supplement their inventory with VDB’s easy to use and fully customizable app. The app provides lab reports, high quality photography, and 360-degree views for each stone, bringing the virtual inventory to life for the consumer. The user-friendly and engaging interface can be used while working with a customer, as its technology enables immediate customer service and facilitates sales to consumers seeking lab-grown diamonds. In addition to search functionality, VDB also offers immediate options for retailers to memo, buy, or hold stones at the touch of a finger, as well as tools for sharing favorites and collections via email or SMS.

For suppliers of lab grown diamonds, the VDB marketplace eliminates borders and time zone differences, enabling 24-hour sales and reducing travel and shipping costs.

“Technological innovation is the underlying strength for an evolving industry,” says Amish Shah, President of ALTR, Inc., a leading supplier who lists on the VDB app. “Virtual Diamond Boutique has enabled our team and our authorized retailers to access live inventory from anywhere across the globe, irrespective of the physical location. It has also allowed our existing and potential retail partners to present ALTR Created Diamonds virtually to their customers in-store, strengthening both sales and customer service.”

VDB offers the ability to search for lab-grown diamonds on any interface.

To learn more about VDB or to search lab grown diamonds, visit

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