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Refresher: Holiday Selling Tips That Work November 22, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—Your cases are stocked, your staff is trained, and it’s time to hit the “go” button for the holiday selling season. But sometimes in the rush to practice new techniques or learn about a new line, it’s easy to forget the tried-and-true sales tactics that work. Here are a few gems from this article by Barb Girson of They are great reminders for sales associates who genuinely want to help their customers as well as make sales.

Dont Forget The Add-On! How many times a day are you asked if you want something else with that? At Pinkberry (yogurt shops): add toppings? At McDonalds: upsize this or make it a meal? Even Amazon suggests related items that you might like based on your interest in the item you’ve selected.

You’re not offended by the question and your customers won’t be either. Ask them if they would like to see the matching necklace or earrings. Show them a complimentary piece if you don’t have a ‘matching’ one, and ask if they have other gifts to buy.

Dessert, Anyone? Likely you already know everything in your store that sells for under $500 (or under $100) that your customer might not think to ask about. Don’t forget to offer those – great for stocking stuffers or for an extra gift for a great partner.

Click here for the full text and get ready for a great Holiday season!

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