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Retail Customer Experience: 5 Top Ways Smaller Retailers Can Defeat Amazon April 14, 2021 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—While Amazon may not be a top competitor for independent jewelers—yet—a recent article on offers valuable lessons that will help small retailers compete with it and, by extension, with other online companies (such as Blue Nile) that are focused on jewelry.

As five prominent luxury independent jewelers recently observed, nothing helps a jeweler succeed more than the personal touch that comes from being close to your customers and involved in your community. But as the pandemic has moved consumers far more comfortably online, there are additional steps that small retailers can take to compete, says RetailCustomerExperience. Brief excerpts from the article, written by Beth VanStory:

  1. Collect, analyze and use customer data for product development, segmenting customers and developing messages and ads. And making it easy to transition to chatting with a human online is worth the investment for luxury retailers.
  2. Retention marketing can be a far more cost-effective means of growing revenue than acquiring new customers, but empower the customer to choose how often and what you communicate to them.
  3. Offer the ability to calculate shipping costs early in the checkout process (or make it free), and accept a variety of payment options, including “buy now, pay later.”
  4. Explore new online marketplaces and platforms for selling, especially those that emphasize local merchants.
  5. Go all-in on social media. Instagram says over 200 million users visit a business profile site daily, with 60% saying they find out about new products there. And start learning TikTok.

Read the full article here.

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