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The New Jewelry Salesperson - Your Next Hire for the Digital Age April 14, 2021 (0 comments)


Toledo, OH--For the past decade experts at Fruchtman Marketing have been talking about how digital marketing and the move to online has changed how businesses market themselves. But what about how this technology should be changing the jewelry salesperson?

Marketing, specifically digital marketing, is very sophisticated and unless you have in-house people who are well trained, even certified, in things like paid search, SEO, Facebook advertising, et cetera, you should leave those efforts to professionals. However, any agency you work with should or will need various assets to help them do their job more effectively—and the people you hire can and should be the go-to source to help the agency do the best job possible for you. Shane O’Neill of Fruchtman (image) explains how to hire the right salespeople for the digital age. Click here to watch.

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