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Retargeting: The Most Essential Component Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy |  November 03, 2021 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--If you’re a company selling products online or promoting yourself online, you need to be running retargeting ads. If not, you’re reaching only a small fraction of your revenue potential. 

Retargeting ads remain the most powerful, cost-effective, and proven marketing strategy there is. Let’s take a look at this strategy and learn how it works.

What Is “Retargeting?” Retargeting is when you use digital marketing to advertise more to people who have already expressed interest in your product. Nowadays, almost nobody purchases something without doing further product research. When a potential customer visits your website, there is a slim chance that they’ll buy something at that moment.

And let’s be honest – that’s the smart thing to do, and probably how you shop as well. Click here to continue reading on

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