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Roberto Demeglio Thru Extend Luxury Offers A New Twist To The Classic Tennis Bracelet May 06, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-5-6 Roberto Demeglio 1

New York, NY--Extensible is the classic tennis bracelet reimagined without a clasp that stretches beyond your imagination. With patented reinforced titanium springs, acclaimed jeweler Roberto Demeglio has designed a collection that features raised diamonds and sapphires displayed in 18k gold settings that reflect the radiance of this masterpiece.  

“For me, this is more than a bracelet. It’s a creative and innovative way to Extend Luxury. The combination of being exquisite and playful is something I always wanted to deliver to my customers, and this collection now sets the bar for that” says Roberto Demeglio, the force behind Extensible.

Extensible stretchable diamond bracelets are expertly engineered to slip on and off with ease and adapt to all different sized wrists. “From the moment I saw this stretch bracelet, I knew even though there are millions of stretch bracelets out there, nothing will ever come close to this bracelet, which stretches wider than any of the other ones in the industry” says Amit Sofer of Beny Sofer Inc., of Extensible USA. “It’s the combination of champagne diamonds, white diamonds, rubies, and rainbow color emeralds stacked on your wrist that makes this the perfect gift that will last generations.”

Extensible is launching across social media @ExtendLuxury. The brand is encouraging people to think about who they would “Extend Luxury” to. Tagging that person in Instagram posts offers them a chance to win a complimentary bracelet this summer.  

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