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Selling With Vision And Insight |  June 23, 2015 (0 comments)


Tallahassee, FL—In our last installment, we addressed ways to manage your sales presentation to become more effective and efficient. Today we focus on selling with vision and insight.

In the past you were trained to take control of your sale and guide your customer in the direction you wanted them to go. But this often leads to a disconnect between customer and associate.

Now that you have changed your selling mindset back to caring for your customer and giving them an amazing experience, a bond of trust has been established and selling will become easy and almost effortless. You are now teaming up with your customer and overcoming their obstacles together.

Picture someone having to go through a haunted house. This is how most customers feel when they enter your store (especially men). They would rather not be there, but have to go in to get where they want to be. So if you hate haunted houses, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you trust navigate you through the process? As a sales associate, your job is to know the “horrors” that lie ahead. You job is to make the experience as painless as possible for them. In the end they will appreciate you for working with them through the unknown.

With my customers, a common misunderstanding and “horror” is the value of a diamond certification. Customers are told to ask for the certification, believing it will give them comfort and security buying a diamond.

As their guide, I show how certificates can be misleading and effectively show them the difference. Customers are blown away when they realize how a place selling them a G color when it really is a J is able to give them such a good price. Working with my customers, I very rarely have to pull out a certificate to sell them because they know that I am looking out for their best interest. At my seminars people are amazed that I only need to bring a cert out about 20% of the time. Most of the time I suggest customers buy a diamond based on what they have shared with me, and they often say OK without hesitation.

The important thing to remember is that customers are people just like us. They often believe what they are told by the media or other people. It is the same way with sales training; many associates never ask questions and just do what they are told. But when they are given new insight they are often amazed to see that there is a different road that is much easier and faster to sales success.

Modern Day Selling offers the freshest new insight in jewelry sales training designed to help sales associatse achieve greater success. As a yearly million-dollar-plus sales associate for the past eight years, Brian Barfield practices what he preaches on finding success based on the core principles of trust, honest and integrity. He is a two time published author whose insight is being recognized around the world. For more information or in-store training, visit his website or email

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