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Mental Rehearsal Can Be Highly Effective For Sales Training June 23, 2015 (0 comments)


Eddystone, PA—Most jewelry stores rely on morning sales meetings where associates role-play or learn product knowledge. But studies have shown that mental rehearsal—something professional athletes do regularly—also can be as effective as actual physical practice session.

Author Michael Boyette’s blog on The Rapid Learning Institute offers some suggestions for using mental rehearsal:

  1. Teach it as a specific technique.
  2. Help associates create scripts, bearing in mind that breaking down the activity into a list of steps is more important than scripting every word.
  3. Mental rehearsal works best if it’s done regularly, so make it a habit to set aside time for it.
  4. The best time to use mental rehearsal is right before the actual task.

Read Boyette’s full article here.

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