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Service News: Custom And Repair Marketing Packages Available To Build Foot Traffic January 27, 2021 (0 comments)


Weston, FL—Last year was a strong year and a turning point in driving jewelers to ratchet up their digital and e-commerce game. 

But James Porte, president of Porte Marketing, says jewelers still need to focus on driving foot traffic, and independent jewelers can play up the two areas where the Internet simply can’t compete to drive foot traffic into the store: repair and custom design services. 

“Unfortunately, most jewelers do not promote their biggest strengths, and assume that consumers know all the benefits and services that a jeweler provides,” says Porte. Customers know jewelers can fix a broken prong, for example, but how many know they can also restore the finish of a gold ring that has lost its luster? Or convert an heirloom pendant into a ring? He added that better goldsmiths also can perform what feels like miracles to customers, such as welding a broken antique chain that less skilled jewelers have said could not be fixed.

Porte Marketing offers custom and repair event packages for jewelers to use. Options include either a series of marketing materials for jewelers to promote their existing services or, for stores that don’t have a bench jeweler on-site, a turnkey event including a bench jeweler is available. Available marketing materials include print materials, email templates, Facebook posts and GIFs, store signage, outdoor, radio and TV commercials, digital banners, and more.

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