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Service News: Nano Tech Solves Diamond Traceability March 03, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Nano Innovator Holdings (NIH) announces the completion of its prototype platform for end-to-end identification of rough to polished mined diamonds, as well as lab-grown diamonds. The chain of custody solution utilizes nanotechnology applications, cloud-based storage solutions, smartphone optic systems, and a proprietary smartphone consumer app to reassure customers they can be confident of the origins of their diamonds.

NIH was founded by diamond industry veteran Bruno Scarselli (image), who has been developing the technology for over three years. The NIH system includes:

Scarselli says, “The excitement for the release of the NIH platform has been rewarding for our company and fulfilling personally. NIH will be a legacy for three generations of our family in the diamond business and will provide the industry with an opportunity to ensure consumer confidence for years to come.”

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