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Sissy’s Training Needs Drive Launch of Jewelry Sales Academy June 07, 2023 (0 comments)


Pine Bluff, AR--With six locations and some 100 sales professionals on staff, Sissy's Log Cabin recently developed Jewelry Sales Academy (JSA) as a means of onboarding new hires and reducing the growing need for travel to the stores to conduct training, according to a company release.

"The Jewelry Sales Academy is a specialized program that allows you to grow your business faster than ever before," said the release. "In Retail Jewelry what your customer experiences is what your bottom line will experience.  Reduce your onboarding time, increase your staffs product knowledge, elevate your customer's experience, and more importantly become known as the best in your area."

Training is Number One Factor

"We help your staff treat customers like you would," said JSA  CEO William Jones IV.

According to the release, training is the number one factor that prevents Retail Jeweler's from growing their business.  "JSA is devoted to offering industry leading training for your staff right from your device.  Created with not just jewelry experts but insight from experts in improv and secret shopping, the JSA system is guaranteed to help your business not only grow but thrive in today's ever changing marketplace." 

The JSA team includes Bill Jones, head of Sissy's Log Cabin, providing Industry Insight based on his 35-year career; William Jones, IV, overseeing Course Management with more than 10 years experience in sales and operations; GIA Gemologist Wyatt Jones specializes in gemological knowledge that translates to the sales floor; Joe Cook brings 10 years of management and coaching experience to his role as head of Building Corporate Managementr Teams; Zach East brings his marketing and brand growth experience to his role as head of Brand Growth and Customer Acquisition.

Example Course Video

A JSA example course video is below. For further information, email

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