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Size-Inclusive Jewelry Brands To Know About January 04, 2023 (0 comments)

Size inclusivity

San Diego, CA--One of the things that plus-sized individuals struggle with in the fashion industry is finding models to relate with. Jewelry shopping is no good either.

[Photo by Andres Ayrton]

A blog post refers to a point where there are fewer items in the jewelry section for plus-sized individuals, with nothing more than just earrings. Necklaces, for example, have chains that are too tight or sit higher at the neck than on the models representing those designs.

The blog post's author — a plus-sized individual — makes it easier for others to find jewelry brands that celebrate plus-sized people by recognizing them in their promotion and marketing campaigns.

The author mentions a few brands that do it well. The first on the list is Automic Gold, a Queer and Trans BIPOC-owned and operated fine jewelry company which makes plus-size rings, necklaces, and even earrings.

The second brand on the list is Nature's Twist, a jewelry brand that ethically sources gemstones, crystals, and plus-sized necklaces.

Some other brands and collections in the list with size-inclusive jewelry include Poirier, Amazon, and Oleada Collection.

Learn more about brands with an inclusivity message in the entire blog post.

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