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Instagram DM Automation Strategy For Generating More Leads And Sales January 04, 2023 (0 comments)


Poway, CA--The overwhelming increase in users on Instagram has resulted in many data-driven decisions by the brand. One of them is the integration of e-commerce — a significant aspect of which is qualifying leads from direct messages.

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DMs are a gateway to funneling potential customers — a prominent part of Instagram marketing. It works with consumers opting to message the business by contacting them. This method helps businesses provide personal attention and service to customers, even giving them recommendations based on their specific responses.

A post by Social Media Examiner talks about how automation can be the backbone of such a strategy. Automated DMs can personalize conversations and qualify messages for potential leads, which would otherwise require regular human input and presence.

The benefits are plenty, and the post looks at some steps to achieve that automation. The first step is setting up lead sources on Instagram and Facebook, and this can happen through triggering DM automation. Instagram, can do this — get users to message the brand — through several ways. 

The second part is formulating a plan for nurturing leads. A basic understanding of it involves an example, such as having an email marketing sequence with a high success rate. You could then convert the email into a series of text messages.

Part of the strategy is converting DM leads into sales; the fourth is following up with DM broadcasts. 

Learn more about this strategy in the entire article.

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