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Sales Strategy

What Do Sales Development Representatives Do For Your Business? March 11, 2022 (0 comments)

Sales Strategy

San Francisco, CA--Multiple factors go into constituting the right sales team. Some key aspects include lead generation, lead qualification, and reaching out to prospects. Then other factors come into play, such as customizing the sales pitch style and being consistent with sales messaging.

However, at the core of them all is a sales development representative (SDR), according to an article by Zendesk.

So what does a sales development representative do? An excerpt from the Zendesk article explains more: 

"SDRs back up your sales representatives. Over the past few years, the business industry rapidly capitalized on the idea of quality and quantity in regards to leads. In theory, endless qualified leads equal endless sales, but procuring and converting those leads isn't realistic if your sales reps are expected to do all the work. That's where SDRs come in. A great SDR does the foundational work for your sales reps so that they can focus solely on developing relationships and increasing their sales performance."

The article details some of the foundation work of a sales development representative. It includes researching projects, refining the sale pipeline, analyzing leads, and reaching out to marketing qualified leads. A day in the life of a sales development representative includes lead qualification and generation, nurturing leads before pushing a sale, and passing a prospect before it goes to a salesperson.

Read more on the role of a sales development representative in this article.

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