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Surf’s Up! Great Sales Stories from Other Industries |  June 22, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—While sharing/laughing/recounting great jewelry sales stories are always something we love to do, hearing interesting sales stories from any industry runs a close second. For a few minutes, put yourself in someone else’s retail shoes and think about sales differently than you do for your own products. What if you sold surfing goods, another specialty retail category? See below and think about living life burnt and barefoot!

Here’s a great article from Inc. magazine highlighting stories from National Salesperson’s Day (March 4. Mark your calendar now for next year!) One of them—number three on their list of eight—is below. Enjoy!

Hans Geiszler, founder, Japhy Surf Co., told Inc., "When I first started my board short company, Japhy Surf Co., a television producer friend of mine from New York said she had an opportunity for me. She said she was putting together a new series focusing on young entrepreneurs and that I would be pitching to a group of investors who would decided to invest or not--think Shark Tank. I decided I had nothing to lose, so I cruised from San Francisco to the Big Apple to pitch a board short company in negative-5 degree weather. I put on a suit and tie and went down to the studio. As soon as I got there, I saw that everyone had done the exact same--cleaned up and put on the same exact navy or grey suit for their pitch. So, I decided to throw a Hail Mary. I stripped down, threw on a pair of my trunks, lost my shirt and tie, and got down to bare feet. When I walked onto the set, the producers immediately lost it laughing--'What are you thinking rolling around in swim trunks? It's snowing outside, you lunatic!' I proceeded to give my pitch. The investors were either completely sold, or just took pity on the clown standing in front of them, but they all decided to invest!"

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