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Study: Sustainable Marketing Practices Boost Brand Loyalty March 21, 2023 (0 comments)

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New Delhi, India--A recent study published in the Society and Business Review, titled "Ensuring brand loyalty for firms practising sustainable marketing: a roadmap," has shed light on the positive impact of sustainable marketing practices on consumers' attitudinal and behavioral brand loyalty.

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The study by researchers Sujata Khandai, Jones Mathew, Renu Yadav, Sonia Kataria, and Harpuneet Kohli explored the mediating effect of brand trust and brand effect on this relationship.

The researchers used a combination of descriptive and causal research, collecting data from 582 respondents and processing the information using structural equation modeling to establish multivariate relationships. The PROCESS method was employed to estimate mediation effects.

The study found that brand trust and affect play a significant role in engendering attitudinal and behavioral brand loyalty among consumers for firms adopting sustainable marketing practices. The findings revealed that these practices result in enhanced brand trust, which further translates into higher levels of brand effect, leading to attitudinal brand loyalty and ultimately resulting in behavioral brand loyalty.

This research emphasizes the importance of brand effect in developing enduring behavioral brand loyalty. The authors suggest that marketers practicing sustainable marketing should leverage brand trust and brand affect to ensure lasting behavioral brand loyalty, as consumers increasingly prioritize ideological and symbolic needs over merely rational ones.

One of the study's unique contributions is its focus on the personal care market in India, as most existing research on sustainable marketing practices and consumer behavior is predominantly based on European and American perspectives. This study aims to fill the void by examining the impact of sustainable marketing practices on brand-related variables in a developing economy.

Learn more in the study.

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