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Texas Jeweler Glamorizes After-Sale Service On TV Segment February 23, 2022 (0 comments)


Tyler, TX—Every jeweler knows the after-sale service is an important way to keep in touch with customers and keep them coming back into the store, where hopefully they’ll find something new to catch their eye. But sizing, fixing, and cleaning aren’t exactly the stuff of glamorous marketing.

That is, unless you’re Rick Murphey The Jeweler, whose associate Lauren was a guest on KETK-TV’s East Texas Live show. For almost four minutes, she ran through the entire cleaning and sizing process, showing the audience tools such as a mandrel, calipers, and a loupe to explain how repairs are priced and underscore the importance of having them done. 

Murphey The Jeweler dates back to 1861, when A.M. "Arch" Murphey moved to Texas from Mississippi and opened his own jewelry and watch store in Tyler. Six generations later, Rick Murphey the Jeweler is run by brothers Rick and Shannon Murphey, who took over from their father, George Reaves Murphey.

Click below to watch the segment.

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