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The Five Biggest Colors That Will Be Hot For Spring |  November 11, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—It’s admittedly a bit hard to think about spring fashion when we’ve all been living in sweatpants for the last eight months. But the fashion show does go on, and for spring/summer 2021 the standout news was a palette of five happy hues inspiring us to look forward to better times.

Indeed, the news that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s potential COVID-19 vaccine seems to be 90% effective buoyed equity markets. If it does live up to its promise, that means we truly could be very close to rounding the corner on the pandemic, and people will want to celebrate with new clothes that are actually designed to be worn out of the house. Since many people won't be attending in-person soirees this holiday season, it's nice to have spring to look forward to when, hopefully, life can start to return to a more normal pattern.

Fashion website WhoWhatWear has named the five key colors for spring/summer 2021. Many of them are happy hues reminiscent of candy and games. Here are the colors and some jewelry suggestions to go with them:

Mellow Yellow: The 2021 iteration will be softer than the lemon-yellow of recent seasons past; think more of a pastel Merrimint yellow (top image). Jewelry ideas: Anything in yellow gold, moonstone, opal. Golden South Seas pearls and yellow diamonds provide a monochromatic accent. And, of course, diamonds go with everything.

Gold and diamond Blossom earrings from Suna Bros, above, and the yellow diamond Anastasia ring from Le Vian's Couture collection (6.50 ct. natural fancy "sunny" yellow cushion-cut center flanked by 1.25 ctw of  Vanilla diamonds, set in 18k two-tone Vanilla and Honey Gold), below.

Bubblegum Pink: Spring’s iteration will fall in between eye-popping fuchsia and soft pastel. Unwrap a piece of Dubble Bubble and you get the idea. Jewelry ideas: Yellow, white, or pink metal will work. Tourmaline is of course the go-to gem but moonstones and opals also will work beautifully, as will amethyst and rose quartz. Kunzite seems like obvious choices but watch the subtle hues of each gem to ensure it doesn’t clash. And, of course, fancy intense pink diamonds for the most well-heeled.

An opal ring from Omi Prive looks perfect with pink.

Magnetic Magenta: A cross between pink and purple, this color works for women who don’t like, or aren’t flattered by, a lighter pink. Jewelry ideas: Go bold. Think tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, amethyst. Of course moonstone and opal will reflect a softer pinkish tone against this color, but consider black opal too as a standout. All three metal colors will work but prioritize rose gold or white metal. 

Platinum double pansy necklace in amethyst, diamond, pink and blue sapphires and one round yellow diamond, by Oscar Heyman.

Tiger Tangerine: Orange has been around for a few seasons, and this year is a testament to the staying power of a color that’s hard to wear for a lot of women. Jewelry ideas: Fire opal, mandarin garnet, moonstone, opal, and yellow or white metal. Champagne diamonds could look well with orange and, of course, orange or deep cognac diamonds. We like yellow gold but white metal also works and oddly, depending on tone, rose gold could be an interesting accent.

A one-of-a-kind rainbow moonstone ring in 24k gold from Gurhan's Rune collection.

Tennis-Ball Green: The most neon of the spring colors, this is a cross between yellow and green. Exactly the color of a brand-new tennis ball. 

Jewelry ideas: The ever-versatile moonstone and opal (again), but its in-between hue is going to make it harder to go monochromatic. A select few peridots might work but more striking would be a constrasting blue like iolite, tanzanite, London blue topaz, or go toward purples and pinks with amethyst, tourmaline, or rhodolite garnet. We like yellow or white metal; save the rose gold for something else.

Doves' London blue topaz earrings in 18k white gold with diamonds.

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