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How To Establish Trust And Connect With Customers Online |  November 11, 2020 (0 comments)


London, UK—In its 2020 Diamond Insight Report, released Monday, De Beers emphasized that the global COVID-19 pandemic has hastened already-emerging trends in how consumers shop. Most notably, online is much more important than it was nine months ago. Although many consumers still prefer face-to-face transactions at a physical store—even in the pandemic—the two channels now share space in a “phygital” world that jewelers ignore at their peril. 

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The pandemic has accelerated online interactions, says De Beers’ report. Consumers who might have been resistant to buying jewelry online are more comfortable with online browsing and even purchasing. For retailers, this means their website cannot be treated as an afterthought to the physical store. It needs to establish trust (essential for any transaction, but particularly online), and it needs to offer a version of what you provide physically in-store. 

But knowing that you need to do something is not the same as knowing how to do it. The following tips from the report will help retailers ensure their websites are ready to meet changing consumer needs and demands. 

1. Create trust. There are proven “rules” for establishing trust and communicating credibility online. You must communicate quality at the visceral/ emotional level. First impressions count, and you must communicate positively with the non-conscious (but highly judgmental) emotional parts of your customers’ brains. Key factors are: 

2. Highlight that a real organization with real people exists behind the site.Many consumers are uncomfortable buying from brands they don’t know or from a “faceless” organization:

3. Highlight your real expertise and experience. Expertise is the second essential component of credibility (in addition to trustworthiness): 

4. Make it easy to get in contact and be responsive. Do so in a way that suits the customer: 

There are some unique but important considerations for selling jewelry or luxury items online when the physical product cannot be touched and experienced in-store. In particular, sizing and delivery are foremost concerns for consumers shopping online. To help: 

Finally, as the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be with us through the holiday selling season, De Beers’ report offers some tips to help reassure customers. Some customers with high-risk health concerns will opt out of physical shopping altogether; some customers will shop in person but do as much as they can in advance to minimize the amount of time in a store; and others are entirely comfortable with in-person shopping. Here are De Beers’ tips for signaling the safety of your physical store to all customers:

By focusing on the factors that communicate trust and taking a few extra steps to anticipate customer needs will help in the challenging short term and also build long-term positive customer engagement. 

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