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The Guide to Jewelry Photography That Lets You Capture the Sparkle September 29, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Every sparkle, detail, and facet is a story waiting to be unveiled regarding jewelry. 

[Image via Pexels Commons]

As much as the craftsmanship matters, so does its portrayal. 

This guide to jewelry photography by Expert Photography aims to arm you with expert methods to transform your regular jewelry shots into timeless, mesmerizing masterpieces.

According to the article, here are some ways to give your photos a professional look

1. Stabilize Your Shot with a Tripod

A tripod is indispensable for clear, detailed jewelry photos, especially still-life ones. It ensures:

2. Camera Choice: It's Not All About Megapixels

The article noted that while the camera plays a role, jewelry photography doesn't demand the highest-end equipment. Even mid-tier DSLRs can suffice, especially for online photos.

3. Selecting the Ideal Lens

The right lens is pivotal for jewelry shots. Remember:

4. Lighting: Your Best Ally

The proper lighting can bring out the jewelry's brilliance. Consider:

5. Dialing in the Perfect Settings

For jewelry:

Check out all the points in the entire article on Expert Photography.

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