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The Wax Makes the Sale |  August 19, 2015 (0 comments)


North Little Rock, AR—This "Favorite Sale" story comes from Laura Stanley, Stanley Jewelers Gemologist. Laura, a third-generation jeweler, works tirelessly with customers to find just the right piece.

“A few months ago, a 30ish guy comes in,” said Stanley. “He and his girlfriend had been shopping around and had been shopping around. The guy had the general specifics of what he and his girlfriends thought they wanted: a three carat radiant, three stone ring with halos around it.”

The couple had spoken with a jeweler who was going to make it. The customer had the basic description, but no picture. Stanley spent time with him and felt she had a good idea of what he wanted. She memoed a three-carat diamond, had her CAD (computer-aided design) guy make drawings and went the extra step to have a wax made.

The customer came back in with his girlfriend. “She looked at the pictures with her boyfriend and tried on the wax. That was the moment they bought. She said the wax was perfect,” says Stanley. She credits the sale to having the wax on-hand. “I’m so happy I went ahead and made the wax. You can show customers pictures all day long, but if they can try on the right thing, you are 90% there.”

That was a $40,000 sale, closed by a small piece of wax.

Stanley Jewelers Gemologist in North Little Rock, AR

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