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Simplify Your Life And Boost Your Sales |  August 19, 2015 (1 comment)


Carlsbad, CA--If you find yourself with undue stress, your life is likely far too complicated.  We all tend to jam too many things into one lifetime, and the result is an unhappy, highly pressurized lifestyle. Instead, why not simplify things?  By making a few key choices, you can take control of your schedule and eliminate some unimportant busyness that is meaningless anyway.  This will give you more time to reflect and enjoy those things that are important. When we try to do more than is humanly natural, we build up unnecessary stress and find ourselves constantly out of time.  The best antidote is to simplify life and to make it more meaningful.  This will bring an uncommon joy and sense of contentment that is impossible to achieve in an overly stressed schedule. Simplifying life isn’t rocket science.  It’s simply common sense.

Here are 10 common-sense truths for jewelers that should help simplify your life and boost your business:

  1. Have the most pleasant person in the store answer the phone.
  2. Well-groomed and well-dressed sales associates make the best impression.
  3. When a customer leaves the store without buying, ask your sales associate if she impressed the customer.
  4. It’s not about how much your sales grow. It’s about how much profit you make at the end of the year.
  5. Follow up with customers quickly and professionally. Great service is essential.
  6. Ask open-ended questions and listen carefully to what customers say.
  7. Develop rapport with customers. Sell yourself first. Then sell your store.
  8. Create a great experience with Millennials. They value experiences, not just products, because they will want to share their experience on social media.
  9. It’s not about the price of an item. It’s the value of the item in your customer’s mind that really counts.
  10. Approach every customer like they can afford much more than you think. Most often, they can.

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Bill Boyajian of Bill Boyajian and Associates, Inc. is the author of Developing the Mind of A Leader, and consults for top firms in the gem and jewelry industry. Read his blog here or contact him at (310) 691-9562, email:, or log onto

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Comments (1):

#9 is truly what good merchandising and CX us all about!
#4- agree wholeheartedly!

By Pam on Aug 21st, 2015 at 2:56pm

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