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ThinkSpace Partners With ClearSale For Fraud Protection June 09, 2021 (0 comments)


Clackamas, OR--ThinkSpace, a jewelry website designs/e-commerce company, is partnering with ClearSale to help its customers with online credit card fraud protection. Image Credit: ThinkSpace.

ClearSale offers companies the ability to sell online without having to worry about chargebacks. In fact, they offer a guarantee for any sales amount! If ClearSale approves an order, and it comes back with a fraud-related chargeback, they cover it!

Their balanced approach combines artificial intelligence, advanced statistical techniques, and the strength of the World’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts to guarantee the accuracy of their results. 

Where other programs look for reasons to decline orders, ClearSale look for reasons to approve them!

Don’t let fear of fraud or false declines lose you good customers and your reputation. Get back to focusing on your core business and let ClearSale’s advanced tools and seasoned in-house team protect you on every level from online fraud.

ThinkSpace highly recommends ClearSale as the leading fraud prevention solution, helping businesses sleep at night knowing your e-commerce sales are protected against identity theft.

For more information, click here.

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