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Three Better Ways To Keep In Touch With A Client December 23, 2014 (0 comments)


Babylon, NY—Do all your messages to clients imply the same thing: “I want to sell something?” If so, it’s time to mix it up, says sales coach Paul Castain. In his Sales Playbook, Castain writes, “Have some where you’re simply sharing a resource, an idea or something helpful. Have others where you are inviting them to an industry event, local chamber event, perhaps a lunch and learn or webinar your company is hosting. If you notice that it’s their birthday, work anniversary or they’ve been promoted . . .congratulate them!

In addition to mixing up what you say, mix up where you say it, says Castain. Don’t limit yourself to phone and email; there’s also snail mail, FedEx, drop off, drop in, social (and regular) networking, and much more.

Finally, he writes, be consistent. Put notes on your calendar as to when to reach out to which clients and honor those dates as if they were appointments.

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