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Three Rules for Improving Your Team |  November 04, 2019 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--I want to share "Three Rules For Improving Your Team" by sharing the story of Garage Barre + Bike. Full disclosure, the owner, Lacey Garrett, is my daughter. She created and built Garage Barre + Bike from nothing. When I asked her how she knew how to grow a business she responded with "I listened to your crap my whole life!"

Lacey and her business partner started in Lacey's garage (hence the name) with eight women a few years ago. Today, three years later, they have 5,600 women each month going through their studio. So here are three rules that she followed to grow the "people-side" of her business.

#1: Hire People Who Possess Your Core Values. Lacey first clearly defined her core values. This neon sign hangs in the studio to communicate her brand promise of inclusiveness, acceptance and fun. She hires only those people who possess these values. Garage Barre + Bike administers an Exsellerate pre-hire behavioral assessment to uncover whether the candidate possesses their values. Learn more about assessments here.

#2: Always Hire Someone 10% Better. Lacey learned that when someone leaves, it's always an opportunity to upgrade. That's not to disparage former employees. It's simply to raise the barre (pun intended). The level of your people dictates the level of your success. PERIOD! Keep moving up. Assess your current staff.

#3: Be The Leader. As the leader of any organization goes, so goes the organization. Lacey knows that she sets the tone and tempo. If she doesn't like what is happening she owns it as the leader and changes herself first. Do you know your leadership strengths? If not, take a talent survey on us. Find out what you are great at and what you might want to develop. Simply click here: Free Talent Survey for Owners/Sr Management. No tricks! I just want to help you grow your business. 

To Grow Your Business, Grow Your People!

Terry Sisco is CEO of Exsellerate, Inc., funny-maker, uplifter, mischief maker, father. Exsellerate has revolutionized retail sales training and made it "entertrainment," given it a millennial voice, made it ridiculously easy to learn on-demand style through social media platforms, and given sales consultants a sense of community, purpose, and the tools to crush their sales. Like us at, call us at 813-787-7355, email at, and visit us at


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