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Thriving in an Economic Downturn: 4 Retail Growth Tips April 12, 2023 (0 comments)


Philadelphia, PA--Recent reports from the National Federation of Independent Businesses show a decrease in small business owners' optimism, indicating a need for strategic and thoughtful business management in the face of economic uncertainty.

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Despite challenging circumstances, growth remains possible during economic downturns. 

Drawing from the experiences of 21 million small businesses, and article provides four tips to help retailers do more with less:

  1. Focus on existing customers: With limited resources, prioritize current customers, as acquiring new customers can cost up to ten times more. Building long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty with existing customers can save money and benefit businesses once the economy stabilizes.

  2. Connect physical and digital platforms: Encourage brick-and-mortar customers to engage with digital platforms by offering incentives, such as discounts for signing up for email/SMS alerts or social media giveaways. Interaction across multiple touchpoints can lead to increased exposure and sales transactions.

  3. Boost transaction value: Employ subtle strategies to prompt customers to spend more, such as incorporating a "Recommended Products" widget on websites, adjusting shipping thresholds, or offering discounts on bundled products for in-store purchases.

  4. Offer value to loyal customers: Address the fact that many customers feel unappreciated by their favorite brands. Consider implementing a loyalty rewards program, special discounts, or other long-term benefits to retain customers and foster a positive shopping environment.

By prioritizing loyal customers, delivering long-term value, and leveraging multiple platforms for increased exposure, retail businesses can weather economic fluctuations and continue to grow.

Learn more in this report.

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