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Tips and Strategies for Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience January 20, 2023 (0 comments)

Photo by Ksu & Eli

Irvine, CA--Creating a memorable customer experience is essential for any retail business. In the jewelry industry, it's even more important as jewelry is an emotional purchase, often influenced by the customer's experience.

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An article published in Entrepreneur magazine highlights ways to create this memorable customer experience in jewelry retail, with a focus on the following key points:

Personalization: We all have experiences of exceptional service from a business where the staff remembers our preferences and goes above and beyond to cater to them, the article notes. Whether it's a coffee shop waitress who knows our iced tea order, a diner cook who starts our regular meal as soon as we walk in, or a salesperson who sends gifts in our favorite color, these memorable experiences foster loyalty and add value to the customer's experience. How can you and your staff ensure that your customers feel the same about your business? Can you pay attention to their preferences and remember them for each transaction?

Consideration: This point in the article asks some questions: Do your staff assist customers with leaving the store by walking them to the door and opening it? Do they also help carry purchases, particularly for older or unsteady customers? Are there chairs with arms and a higher seat height in your waiting room for elderly customers? Additionally, do you offer complementary items or accessories to enhance the customer's experience, such as candles with a birthday cake, a stepstool in a pediatric dental office, or critical identifiers for a key-making business?

Appreciation: The article notes that retailers could show appreciation by offering unique perks, such as inviting specific customers to a sale before the general public or hosting an invitation-only event with additional discounts for "VIPs." They could also offer complimentary gift wrapping or occasionally give a free product or service check-up. It's important to let them know that these extras are being extended to them as a valued customer and to show appreciation. A simple yet effective way to show appreciation is to send a handwritten note on lovely stationery.

Learn more about these and other factors in the article.

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