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Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Immediately |  January 20, 2021 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--Jewelry brands may market nation wide, but jewelery stores need to focus on SEO strategies that will increase their ranking in LOCAL results. This is especially true nowadays, where jewelry stores are more tech savvy and are now putting money into their digital marketing.

Typically, when we think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we’re thinking about big national brands. However, there is another area of SEO – called Local SEO – that specifically helps businesses on the local level. Optimizing for local SEO means more website traffic, leads, and conversions for your jewelry store. Yes – you’ll be competing with local businesses for SEO ranking. That’s the nature of the beast. Additionally, optimizing for local SEO will help you compete against larger brands with huge budgets. Click here to continue reading on, and click here to tune in for's annual conference, January 21-22.

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