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Trendspotting: Get Ready For The Chain Gang |  January 06, 2021 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—How do you know when a fashion trend is officially “a thing?”

According to the editors at Harper’s Bazaar, if you see it three times, it’s a thing.

Speaking as a longtime former fashion editor, I concur that’s a good rule of thumb. It doesn’t guarantee a trend is going to be huge or long-lasting—only time will tell that—but it’s a good indication that you should be aware of it, pay attention to it and, if you have fashion-forward customers, get into it on some level. Remember when pearls started popping up as adornment on shoes and apparel? They surpassed silver jewelry in our survey of jewelers’ best-sellers for the holiday season.  

What’s the next big thing? Based on browsing through a selection of consumer fashion magazines, link chains. They’re showing up on shoes, handbags, around waists as chain belts, and, of course, as necklaces, where the trend is thick, chunky, and collar-length. Image at top: Hulchi Belluni

Here are a few examples: 


Shoe chains in InStyle magazine, above. Vogue, below top, and Harper's Bazaar, below bottom.

Shoe and bag chains from Jimmy Choo, above, and on a bag in a Dolce & Gabbana ad starring Sofia Vergara, below.

Chain belts from Guess, top, and Chanel, bottom:

And now, some jewelry examples from names you know!


Miami Cuban chain from Midas.

Antonio Papini

Pippo Perez

Michael Bondanza

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