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Brevani Executives Featured In New Plumb Club Podcasts About Retailer And Vendor Relationships January 06, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY--In its ongoing series of industry podcasts, The Plumb Club for January is focusing on broadening the collaborations between retailers and manufacturers, providing information, insights, and tips into how retailers can use manufacturer relationships to leverage and capitalize on each other’s strengths, assets, and ongoing initiatives to be more productive and profitable. The following two podcasts--one featuring Jordan Peck and Sara Strauss of Brevani/Color Merchants, are now available to download.

Capitalizing on Branded Content to Drive Engagement: Peck and Strauss give expert tips on how a retailer can build a promotional, advertising, and social media calendar by capitalizing on initiatives that manufacturers are involved in, and using materials that brands can provide. Peck is the COO and Strauss is the director of marketing for Brevani/Color Merchants, a leading supplier of diamond and gemstone jewelry. 

Creating Power Partnerships Between Retailers and Manufacturers: Dov Tannenbaum, a principal in leading diamantaire Leo Schachter, outlines “Power Partnerships,” a deepened and broadened collaboration between retailers and their manufacturing partners, yielding growth in revenue and profit. He takes listeners through the principles and best practices in creating these partnerships, outlining what retailer and manufacturer winners do differently to outperform in their category. 

The new podcasts, as well as the prior editions, are available on The Plumb Club website under the “Resources” tab.

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