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Trendspotting: The Earrings Your Customers Will Be Wanting Now |  March 03, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—95% of women will happily tell you they don’t feel completely dressed without their earrings. And in the Zoom-ified world we all inhabit now, earrings are pretty much the only piece of jewelry visible on the small screen, so it’s no surprise that more women than ever before feel you can never have too many pairs. Image: emerald and diamond hoops, Fana.

It was just that very point that drove Anna LaPlaca, associate editor for the fashion site WhoWhatWear, to dedicate an article to the topic of earrings and what is trending for spring 2021. In the article, she picks 28 pairs of earrings, ranging from purely costume to gold and gemstone.

What’s LaPlaca’s take on the must-have earrings for spring 2021?

Hint: everything comes back in style. And you might even still have some of LaPlaca’s top style picks stashed in the far back corners of your safe—if you didn’t melt them down the last time gold went through the roof. LaPlaca’s bio doesn’t reveal her age, but her online photo suggests she’s either a young Millennial or Gen-Z, so chances are she wasn’t wearing shrimp earrings, hug-hoops, or hoop-and-charm combos the first time around.  

Yes, folks, if you have some classic ‘80s-style shrimp earrings, get them out, polish them up, and put them on display. Ditto for small to medium size hoops with some charms to slip on them—the kind of repeatable sale every jeweler was making long before Pandora came on the scene. Here, however, don’t you want to chuckle because LaPlaca tagged them as a throwback to 2002 and we all remember them from at least (!) a decade before that.

WhoWhatWear's Anna LaPlaca is enamored of shrimp and croissant-style earrings, above. Below, a luxury 18k gold and diamond version, the Helena shrimp earrings, from David Yurman.

Below top, LaPlaca likes the hoop-and-charm combo but doesn't realize how long they've been around.

A 14k gold medium hoop with a selection of charms, from MeiraT, below:

Hoop earrings, of course, are one of those “always in style” styles, but whether it’s a hug hoop, an open hoop on a post, or any other kind of hoop, you know there are going to be variations on the theme each time. For instance, LaPlaca showed a pair of open hoops on a post set with gemstones, from Leo Black, below top, and a geometric, not-exactly-a-hoop-but-kind-of-a-hoop from fast-fashion brand Mango, second below.

Below: Frieda Rothman's mod take on the hoop.

Some more examples of the variety of hoops available from brands you know include the emerald and diamond version at top of page, from Fana, and these double hug hoops with rainbow sapphires in gold, from ColorMerchants, top, and gold 3/4 hoops different gem accent combinations available, from Stuller.



WhoWhatWear's LaPlaca seems to be a fan of smaller earrings (a pair of light blue sapphire baguette studs were among her faves), but there were a few larger styles in her article, most notably a pair of Monica Vinader paper-clip link drops, and a pair of gently folded earrings that, had they been done in real gold, would make those of us who’ve been around the block a few times immediately think of Patricia Daunis or Michael Good. 

Link drops in sterling silver, Charles Garnier, above. Below, top, LaPlaca liked this undulating gold-tone earring that's reminiscent of the work done by Maine jewelers Patricia Daunis and Michael Good in the early 1990s. Below bottom, a pair of vintage Michael Good earrings for sale on Poshmark. Good was renowned for his work in anticlastic raising, a technique of hammering gold so that it curls back in on itself.

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