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Unique Black Friday Marketing Tactics to Rise Above Rivals August 28, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--the retail atmosphere will bristle fervently as Black Friday draws near. The challenge lies in ensuring your business shines amidst the multitude.

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According to a Brevo article, historically, Black Friday signals the onset of festive shopping. The surge in sales on this day isn't confined to physical stores; online retailers experienced a spike of 2.3% in 2022, raking in a whopping $9.12 billion.

The necessity for an unparalleled Black Friday strategy is more pronounced than ever. From Black Friday-centric emails to social media blitzes and tempting deals, there are many tactics to lure the holiday shopper. But what exactly does Black Friday marketing entail?

The date to earmark this year? November 24, 2023, the day after Thanksgiving.

The article noted that with the competition reaching a fever pitch, a captivating Black Friday strategy can tilt the scales in your favor, potentially amplifying conversion rates. Here's a bouquet of promotional ideas to fan your creative flames.

15 Ingenious Black Friday Marketing Techniques to Elevate Sales

As per the article, here's a compilation of some tried-and-true and innovative Black Friday marketing concepts to give your campaigns a distinctive edge.

  1. Begin with a Bang: Don’t drown in the Black Friday cacophony. Initiate your marketing endeavors in advance.

  2. Tempt with Teasers: A glimpse of what's on the anvil can build anticipation. Detail your Black Friday propositions to the audience ahead of time.

  3. Amplify Your Email Outreach: Your email subscriber list can be your secret weapon. Tools like Brevo can streamline the list-building process.

  4. Social Media Extravaganza: Channels like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are ripe for Black Friday promotions. And harness the power of hashtags to magnify visibility.

  5. Harness SMS Dynamics: An SMS can provide immediate, direct access to potential consumers.

  6. Add the Personal Touch: Infuse your campaigns with personalized elements, enhancing engagement and resonance.

  7. QR Codes for an Enhanced Experience: Integrating QR codes can elevate shopping.

  8. Beyond Discounts - Free Shipping & Rewards: Differentiate with free shipping or purchase-based rewards perks.

  9. Combat Cart Abandonment: Address the online cart desertion challenge to maximize sales.

  10. Win with Loyalty Programs: Convert your Black Friday clientele into perennial patrons with innovative loyalty initiatives.

  11. Curate Black Friday Gift Manuals: Facilitate the gift-hunting journey with curated Black Friday guides.

  12. Capitalizing on Procrastinators: The Black Friday-Cyber Monday continuum offers opportunities to draw in late shoppers.

  13. Bonus Store Credits: Offer added store credits instead of traditional discounts.

  14. Master the Upselling Game: Elevate sales volumes by incentivizing larger purchases. For instance, Surreal’s model showcases how it's done.

  15. Ride the Contest Wave: Anchor your Black Friday narrative around a captivating contest, infusing an element of thrill.

Learn more in the entire Brevo article.

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