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Use Available Online Tools To Make Sales Magic Happen July 08, 2015 (0 comments)


Mission Viejo, CA—In his Partners In Excellence blog, author and sales trainer David Brock tells the story of a salesperson who had made all the right inroads into a company but could not close the sale with the real decision-maker.

Brock analyzed the sales process, and discovered what was wrong. The salesperson—normally a top performer with an outstanding track record—was making a fairly obvious mistake in focusing on the features and benefits of his product, not on the strategy of the company he was pitching.

Brock and the salesperson reviewed the company’s website, saw various presentations the key decision-maker had made, and reviewed his LinkedIn profile. Armed with that readily available information, the salesperson went back and refined his approach. In a short email to the executive, he demonstrated his understanding of the company strategy and goals, and in short order closed the sale.

This kind of research is of course most useful in a B2B sales context, but it can be applicable to a retail sales situation, especially when a sales associate is calling clients for special occasions or special pieces.

By reviewing information about the client on social media, in the news, or his or her company’s website, the associate can gain a better understanding of the client’s likes, needs, and passions. That in turn helps to create a relationship and position the store and associate for future sales.

Read Brock’s analysis here.

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