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What Is Your Image Saying? The Power Of First Impressions |  June 18, 2019 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--The famous author and business guru Tom Peters once observed, “Passengers judge how an airline maintains their engines by the coffee stains on the flip down trays.” At the very least, in this era when flying already is not much fun, coffee stains on the flip-down trays remind passengers just how uncomfortable they are.

When people see you or your store, will they think that you have great quality diamonds? An activity of the human brain stem is to constantly sweep the landscape like an inner radar looking for danger. Our so-called "lizard brain" is wired for danger--and therefore negative emotions to trigger the “fight or flight” mode.

First impressions either alarm or disarm the Lizard Brain. The first stepping stone in a sales "Brain Flow" is designed to make a positive impression and “connect” the salesperson to the customer in a positive manner.

Terry Sisco
There are typically three points of connection with customers. The first is formed by your brand (yes, you are a brand, just like Oprah). The second are the impressions formed upon first seeing your external appearance, including the store’s physical appearance. The third is how you personally connect with the customer. 

Do This Today:

1. Do an audit of your social media. Look at your social media posts through the eyes of a person who has never been in your store. Is it all merchandise all the time, making it appear as though all you want to do is get your hand in their pocket and sell something? Is there anything that could be construed as controversial or political? If so, you just lost half your client base. 

Do the colors in your posts match the colors of your brand? Do you connect to customers with enough personal-type posts (such as family, pets, philanthropy, etc.) to make potential customers feel like they can connect to you as a person? 

2. Do an audit of your store’s appearance. Are the windows clean or dirty? Is the paint fresh and appealing? Does it look intimidating or inviting? Is the landscape fresh and well maintained?

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3. Do an audit of your personal brand. Start with your fingernails! When you're showing great quality diamonds, customers also see your hands as part of the process. Make sure both your fingernails and your cuticles are spotlessly clean and not ragged. Make sure your breath is fresh: brush your teeth after lunch and carry mints or breath freshener. Drink water to avoid dry mouth or ask your dentist to help if it's a problem. Finally, be sure your clothes are immaculate: professionally pressed, properly fitted, and spotlessly clean. Consider keeping an extra shirt, top, or tie on hand in case of a stain. 

Do you and your store reflect positively or negatively on the quality of your gemstones?

Terry Sisco is CEO of Exsellerate, Inc., funny-maker, uplifter, mischief maker, father. Exsellerate has revolutionized retail sales training and made it "entertrainment," given it a millennial voice, made it ridiculously easy to learn on-demand style through social media platforms, and given sales consultants a sense of community, purpose, and the tools to crush their sales. Like us at, call us at 813-787-7355, email at, and visit us at

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