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Why Retailer Podcasts Could Be The Next Big Thing In Customer Connection February 09, 2022 (0 comments)


Seattle, WA—Looking for a new way to connect with your top fans and with jewelry lovers? 

Try a podcast. This article in Retail Wire explains why podcasts have taken off in recent years. “Their appeal is largely traced to convenience as they are easy to access and users can listen to audio episodes while running, cooking, cleaning and tackling other tasks. Listeners also have an endless variety of topics to explore.” 

Among other retailers, Walmart publishes an “Outside the Box” podcast featuring retail thought leaders and sponsors the “Who What Wear with Hillary Kerr” fashion podcast. Ebay has one centered on entrepreneurs, Blue Apron on home cooking and Sephora exploring self-image.”

Now luxury retailer Nordstrom has entered the podcast arena with the launch of its new Nordy Pod, hosted by Pete Nordstrom, president and chief brand officer. The Nordy Pod will explore topics relevant to brands and designers in today's fashion landscape, spotlight prominent industry voices, and provide access to conversations that listeners can't get anywhere else, says a release from the retailer.

Brands are increasingly being pressured to take a stand on social issues, and more and more consumers especially younger ones, are seeking brands that align with their values. 

“If you want to connect with people more authentically, it's important to have those honest conversations. What we've learned over the past couple of years is that you have to stand for something, or you end up standing for nothing. I want to give people insight into the company and the things we stand for, and hopefully, they'll learn more about the Nordstrom story along the way,” says Pete Nordstrom.

The retailer’s inaugural podcast episode includes interviews with legendary retailer Mickey Drexler (of Gap fame), a veteran Nordstrom stylist, and—a highlight of the podcast series—a real customer interview, in this case a woman whose toddler had a potty-training accident in the store.

“I want this podcast to serve as a vehicle to help tell stories– stories about our business, our industry, our customers, and of course, our people. I see it as an opportunity to get out there and connect with people in an authentic way. My hope is that we'll give our listeners new insight into who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Customer stories are central to our ability to develop and sustain a culture of service– they're what motivates us to continue to show up for our customers every day. The podcast is a new way to bring those stories to life and highlight some of those legendary customer interactions that have helped create our legacy of service,” says Pete Nordstrom.

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